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Business Strategy.
Technology Solutions are ever evolving. At Jina Services, we foster innovation. Our innovations are in line with business needs and capability enhancements.
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Marketing Research
At Jina Services, our marketing team systematically and objectively identify, collect, analyse, and disseminate the information for the
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Financial Banking
The Banking and Finance team at Jina Services is working on producing theoretical as well as empirical issues in the fields of banking and finance. The team is
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About Us !

The Jina Experience At Jina, we believe in "Achieve Impossible". we believe mutually rewarding relationships which inturn produce the most positive business results. We provide comprehensive timely delivered IT Solutions and when we place the right people in the right positions, clients achieve their business goals, consultants gain rewarding assignments and we build stronger working relationships. It’s a cycle we strive to repeat with every opportunity.

Committed to Your Success An E-Verified IT Firm based in Carmel,IN, we strive to "Achive Impossible" and exceed client expectations...

With regard to IT Staffing, before any candidate search begins, we make sure we fully understand a job’s requirements. We consider corporate culture and team chemistry, too. We accurately represent and promote candidates. We listen. We ask questions. We follow up. We keep you informed. We do what it takes to make the best possible match. And underlying everything we do is our dedication to service and a commitment to our values – integrity, fairness and honesty – that are the cornerstones of the Jina Experience.

When you do business with Jina, you gain a partner who is committed to your success and prepared to deliver the flexible, creative and thoughtful solutions you deserve. Whether you’re a hiring manager with a specific project requirement or a consultant seeking a new assignment, Jina realizes that your satisfaction is the key to our continued success.

Meet our team:

Sara manager
Richard pr director
April marketolog
John developer
Jessica Recruiter
Thomas investor