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Business Strategy.
Technology Solutions are ever evolving. At Jina Services, we foster innovation. Our innovations are in line with business needs and capability enhancements.
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Marketing Research
At Jina Services, our marketing team systematically and objectively identify, collect, analyse, and disseminate the information for the
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Financial Banking
The Banking and Finance team at Jina Services is working on producing theoretical as well as empirical issues in the fields of banking and finance. The team is
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Our services:

Personal Development
& Training Services

Jina Services with continuous upto date Technology trainings, always ensures our consultants and employees are abreast with every evolving Technology Solutions.We work with best training partner to develop talent and to deliver the most effective education programs to our valued employees and consultants.
We have trained all levels of professionals from new college grads to senior consultants. If you're looking for a career change, your search stops at Jina Services. We are one of the few companies in Indiana that provides IT related training. We do provide sometimes one-on-one training. We help our consultants on competency-based quality programs, Up to date with latest technology,focusing on Career development, training on Interpersonal Skills, resume writing, Interview Tips and Personality Development.
Our IT consultants possess a wide range of expertise - application developers, database specialists, software engineers, project managers, Quality analysts,Business analysts,Support Engineers, enterprise software implementation experts. We encourage them to constantly update and improve their technical skills.